Harnessing the Power of Social Media, and Other Tips to Increase Online Sales

Social media sites you likely visit every day are great ways to promote your online company and help bring new customers to your website.

For tips to increase your profits with the help of online platforms, keep reading:

Look Into Facebook Advertising

In addition to creating your own business page on Facebook, you can bring your advertising to the next level by using Facebook advertising to drive even more shoppers to your store. There are a whopping 1.4 billion Facebook users, and through the social media site’s advertising platform, you can increase the likelihood that you are targeting the right customers with the right products, prices and sales.

Harness the Power of Videos

Another effective way to attract more customers to your online business is through video. Videos allow you to inject more of your company’s personality into your advertising. You can either start your own channel on YouTube or post videos on Instagram, Facebook and other sites. If you need inspiration on how to create an effective video, research how other companies have done it. For example, direct sales giant Amway has a number of product-centric videos that are interesting and educational for people who are interested in making money with Amway but are unsure of how the process works. Check out the company’s YouTube channel to find videos that can inspire you to create some memorable videos of your own.

Check Out Your Competition

While you want to create unique content on social media, it never hurts to check out what your competitors are up to. Spend some time on the social media pages of other businesses in the industry. Take note of what they are doing well, and what doesn’t seem to be working. Pay close attention to what type of content they post and how often, and note how frequently they respond to their followers. What can you learn from your observations? This exercise isn’t meant to just provide opportunities for you to pat yourself on the back, but to glean customer expectations, industry standards etc.

Help Your Customers Get to Know You

Social media is called “social” for a reason—when done correctly and effectively, you can use your business pages to help your customers feel like they know you. This in turn will inspire them to trust you more and become loyal customers. For instance, in addition to the important but admittedly dry info about your products, feel free to make some posts about yourself and your interests and hobbies, along with maybe a cool photo of your dog. You don’t have to share info about your family if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, but if you reveal just a bit of your personal side and show your customers what you look like and how you and your pooch love to hike, you will no longer be a faceless online store owner but a fun and friendly person who your customers think of as a friend.

Other Tips to Boost Online Sales

While social media is a great place to focus your marketing and advertising efforts, there are many other factors that help determine if an online business will be successful. For example, double check your website to be sure your sales copy is 100 percent honest, and that the site is not clogged with too many clashing colors and fonts. Consider finding a website designer on Fiverr to take over if necessary. Post positive customer reviews on the site and consider offering a full money-back guarantee. Doing so many provide potential buyers with the peace of mind they needed in order to become actual buyers.

Enjoy Increased Sales—You Worked Hard for Them

Launching an online business may have been a scary prospect; you may have wondered if you would ever make a sale. But thanks to the very real power of social media, your online business should start to take off in no time.


Lenny Bonsignore
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