4 Ways to Make Money from Home

Whether you want to work at home full-time or make a few extra dollars for weekend fun, you can find a way to get paid online. Here are some smart methods for getting some extra cash on the internet.

1. Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants provide administrative support for companies and entrepreneurs. They take care of many of the tasks that secretaries in offices used to do, including making phone calls, planning events, managing social media accounts, writing and editing blogs, scheduling appointments, and graphic design.

You can work as an employee or become an independent contractor, and you can make up to $60 per hour. Many of these jobs don’t require specialized skills or extra training. You only need a computer, a headset or a cell phone, a flexible schedule, and good communication skills.

2. Sell Art, Crafts, and Other Objects

Platforms like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon let you sell old clothing, DVDs, electronics, and more. Many people create original paintings, make quilts, or search thrift stores for quality items they can sell for a healthy profit. Ebay charges a fee for people who sell more than 50 things per month, and Etsy charges 3.5% of the price for each listing. Amazon’s fees vary with the category or type of item. Posting on Craigslist is free, but you’ll need to meet the buyer in person instead of shipping your stuff.

3. Use Robo-Advisors

Robo-advisors use computer algorithms to provide wealth management services. Fees are much lower than a traditional fund, and many companies don’t require a minimum balance. Some firms also provide human advisors for an additional fee.  You can choose a taxable account, a retirement account, or a college savings plan for your child. You won’t have to wait until you can meet a minimum balance to start investing, so you can gain a passive income immediately. As you keep contributing to the account, your income will increase without any additional work.

4. Play Online Poker

Many people make all the income they need from online poker. It’s easy, fun, and exciting, but you could lose without the right strategy. You should be aggressive and get as many players in the online poker tournament to fold as early as possible. If you don’t bet or raise often, others will win even if their hands aren’t as strong as yours.

Remember to be patient and wait until the odds are in your favor. Folding is often the best move if your cards are mediocre, and you may need to play hundreds of hands before you become skilled enough to win consistently. Be polite to other players, avoid distractions like watching TV while playing, and make decisions quickly. After you fold, don’t comment on the game or reveal your cards. Other players could use this information to learn more about your playing style and increase their winnings.

Making money online is easier than ever. You can start your own business, work for a company, play interesting games, and more. With a flexible schedule, you can work when you feel like it and have fun instead of waking up early or missing out on time with your family.

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