Pixel 3 is available for $450 on Rakuten with 3XL for $435

Pixel 4 and its elder brother Pixel 4 XL are about to launch this month along with Android 10. However, several sellers are starting to remove their current stock of Pixel 3 and 3XL already. This is, however, pretty normal. A similar seller, Rakuten is giving away Pixel 3 series for $450 only.

The base variant is right now available on Rakuten for $450 only. This is a straight $60 off of the base price. Also, please note that this price is for the regular 64GB variant. The 128GB variant will cost around $10 more.

The 3XL 64GB variant will cost you around $435 whereas the 128GB variant will cost you $540.

All these prices are after applying the coupon codes at the checkout by Rakuten.

Although the mentioned devices are old in hardware, still can coup up pretty easily this year as well. The Pixel 3 series consists of Snapdragon 835SoC, which came during the last September. And is still powerful to this date.

Source: Rakuten

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