Now send reminders using Google Assistant to your forgetful relatives.


Google is finally helping you to let you forgetful relative know that you have told them something. Today, Google started a new feature called Assignable Reminders on Google Assistant, which will let you send reminders to your relatives, or, friends.

Once you send the notification, your relative will get the instant notification on their smartphone and smart display at once. The notification is all real-time. The moment you send the reminder, a notification pops on their display.

But you cannot send the reminder to any random stranger. The person you want to send the reminder must be in the same Google Family Group or their Voice/Google Account should be connected the same smart speaker.

Also, you can block someone from sending Assignable Reminders on Google Assistant.

The feature will roll out on every Google-based smart devices in U.K, U.S, and Australia for now.

Source: Android Authority

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