Unlock new Wallpapers on your Oneplus Device through Fnatic Easter Egg

Step by Step Instructions:
  1. Have the latest Oxygen OS update on your device. The update should look like the one in the picture below. On my Oneplus 6T it was Oxygen OS version 9.0.16. The changelog will be listed below. What you’re looking for is Oneplus’s new “Fnatic” mode.

    Oxygen OS 9.0.16
    Oxygen OS 9.0.16
  2. Go into “Settings”, “Utilities”, “Gaming Mode” then “Fnatic”
  3. Give the Fnatic mode symbol at the top 5-10 taps quickly.
  4. A text field should open up. Type the phrase “alwaysfnatic” (hint: you can copy and paste it too, just omit the quotes.).

    Entering the code
  5. Lastly, the device will give you a message that you’ve unlocked 3 new wallpapers! Congrats!

    Unlocked Wallpapers
My Thoughts on this Easter Egg:

This is a fantastic way to get fans to look at the new mode built into most recent Oneplus devices. The wallpapers are in Oneplus’s traditional style but with the Fnatic logo to show off, you’re a hardcore gamer in style! It’s also nice this Easter Egg isn’t region-locked from what I know. I am using the A6013 model (the US model) and had no problems.

What does Fnatic Mode do?

Fnatic mode is a more in-depth gaming mode. This allows your phone to better regulate its processor, GPU, and network speeds to give the player better gaming experience. Below will be what the settings look like and what it looks like when you enter Fnatic Mode in a game.

My one wish Fnatic mode would have brought with it that it did not is more granular FPS settings for older devices. Many games on Android are locked to 30 FPS and especially on devices like the 6 and 6T games such as Pokemon Go would run smoothly at a full 60 FPS. I feel as though if you’re going to add a “gaming” mode you should give gamers the options for tweaking performance and game quality, especially on such high end devices.

I want to hear from you all though! What do you think of this new Fnatic mode and the Easter Egg it unlocks? Let us know in the comments below!

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