Samsung is making 108MP camera sensor. For Xiaomi?

The news has to come ever since Xiaomi announced that they will launch a smartphone with 108MP camera. Samsung (& Xiaomi?) is working on the upcoming ISOCELL based 108MP camera. However, when the smartphones will get this feature isn’t known.

The ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor is the sensor which is made with the collaboration of Samsung and Xiaomi. It is promised to have 50% more pixels inbuilt than the current sensors in the market.

Also, Samsung says that the sensor will surpass the 100 million pixels line with this sensor. As far as the video recording is concerned, this sensor is capable of recording in 6K resolution.

In general images with this much resolution is somewhat not necessary. Since, the more megapixels the camera has, the size of the images increases at a considerable rate.

Samsung camera sensor: Low Image capturing capability, storage can be an issue.

However, this sensor is also capable of capturing images at 27MP by default. This works by combing four pixels into one. Although, it may reduce the overall resolution of the image, but will result in brighter and sharper images. Do note that the 108MP images will be way better than 27MP, but storage is also an issue here.

Unlike desktop/laptop, you cannot swap out the storage inbuilt in the phone to swap with larger space. Also, not all smartphones are going to get support for 1TB SD cards, considering that most are already ditching it. If a photography person uses the camera at 108MP, he will soon run out of the storage of 512GB pretty soon. Or if it supports the 1TB expansion slot, the card is not going to cost cheap.

Also, Samsung is incorporating its Smart ISO feature, which adjusts the ISO of the camera automatically according to the environment light.

Although none of the two collaborators has announced which smartphone will feature this sensor, according to the rumors, Xiaomi MI Mix 4 will be the first smartphone to feature this sensor.

Source: The Verge

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