8 Examples of Groundbreaking Technologies That Are Transforming Business

Did you know that at the rate we’re advancing technology today, a future wherein we can combat cancer with a vaccine-like injection is right at our doorsteps?

A lot of technological breakthroughs in different industries are happening every day. In the food industry, lab-grown meats are becoming a reality. Over at the energy department, new (safer) nuclear designs are gaining momentum.

But what about technological advancements that are redefining businesses? In that area, we have many top new technologies that are stirring businesses in a new direction.

Keep on reading to learn about not one groundbreaking technology, but 8 advances that are transforming business.

  1. Augmented and Virtual Reality

These are two new technologies that we see implemented in games. With further research and development, though, these will become a whole new way for companies to reach consumers.

The real estate industry is already making good use of VR. It provides a way for prospective buyers to “walk” through the house without them driving to the site.

In the future, AR and VR will better enable customers to see for themselves. Businesses can use this to compel the customers in new ways than what the current tech allows.

  1. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing redefined how businesses process their workflow. It provides third-party solutions to small businesses and large enterprises alike.

Companies in the past needed their own servers to maintain their network. Now, the cloud offers them access to a huge amount of resource via the internet. In more cases than one, it’s even more reliable since it has a qualified set of professionals behind it.

Downtimes are few and far between because of the huge capacity of the providers’ servers. Should a company need more resources for expansion, it’s easy to upgrade the packages without recalibrating the network. With the proper implementation in the office, losing data wouldn’t be a threat anymore.

Cloud computing is cost-effective, as well, thanks to the customized packages from cloud companies. They provide only what you need to run your business. This evens out the playing field with larger corporations.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

We’re still in the early ages, but the future of artificial intelligence already looks bright. It won’t be a few years until businesses adopt AIs in full,

Today, we’re already seeing how a little piece of AI software can help both businesses and customers. Facebook bots, for instance, can understand and answer questions on behalf of a human.

More advanced AIs, like Siri or Alexa, are revolutionizing homes and our lives. If businesses hone this technology further, it can revolutionize workflow processes, too.

  1. Robot Assistants

What happens if you give AI a body? It does the work for you.

You may have heard of Boston Dynamics, which has breakthroughs each year with robots. They’re creating – and perfecting – robots that businesses can “hire” for their operations.

Another company, Knightscope, is also working on other robot assistants. Their focus is on robots that businesses can use for their security.

With the work of these companies, having intelligent robots employed will help businesses. Thanks to them, companies can reach new heights by leaving the manual work to them.

If you want to learn more about robots and automation, read more from these experts.

  1. Babel Fish Earbuds

The Babel Fish earbuds, if successful, are going to be a piece of groundbreaking technology that will erase the language barrier. It’s named after an invention in Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book. True to its namesake, it “hears” a language, and then translates it near real-time to your ear.

This allows two people with different languages to communicate with each other. It has practical applications worldwide. For businesses, it can help them expand to other territories with ease.

  1. Social Impact

What took years of hard work and intelligent marketing techniques before is now achievable in a few months or so because of the advent of social media.

Don’t get us wrong, though. Gaining fame and traction in social media still requires creative thinking.

That doesn’t change the fact, however, that it’s easier for businesses today to gain recognition. It’s now easier for them to connect with customers through different platforms today.

Social media erases numerous barriers, including geographical and financial obstacles. A brand can introduce itself to a customer hundreds of miles away without relying on a middle-man. No matter the background of the customer, as long as he/she has internet, they can make a connection through social media.

A coin has two sides, however, which means social media can also make it easy to bring a business down. A simple rant on Facebook can reach thousands of people faster than you become aware of the issue. At this point, your business will already have suffered permanent damage.

These are why social media has become a huge part of every business’ marketing strategy. It’s big enough to spur new jobs like social media and community managers.

  1. Online Privacy

Privacy has always been one of the most important issues online, where everyone has become lax with their personal information. Facebook alone knows too much about an individual. The good news, however, is that there are newer innovations that better protect users.

Making payments online, for example, is getting more secure by the day. This changes how a business can protect its customers’ information and how they can make transactions online.

  1. Blockchain

This is one of the major technological advances we have made so far. It’s posed to change the financial landscape altogether. In a decade or two, people might see new ways to make secure transactions.

This opens up an opportunity for businesses to simplify and expedite transactions. As a result, they can also enjoy reduced costs.

The financial institutions we know today might change directions. Accommodating this new advanced technology for tracking transactions will become a priority.

Stay Updated with the Latest Groundbreaking Technology

Processes are becoming more simplified and automated. Thanks to this, the world is advancing at a more rapid pace than ever. We can expect more news on groundbreaking technology in the next years to come.

Don’t stop here though! Read through more of our posts to learn all the cool new things in the technological world.


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