Pixel 4 will feature face unlock instead of fingers

Google is about to launch Android Q, along with that, you guessed right, the Pixel 4. And good thing is, helping all the leakers, Google announced that the phone will not come with a fingerprint scanner.

And, yes, it will solely depend on the Face Scan to unlock or protect your device. Which is, however, somehow inconvenient considering the fact that several such implementations failed at some point.

If we consider the iPhone X, it is the first smartphone to go with complete Face Unlock, but it was fooled by a photograph. If I remember it correctly. Similarly, S10’s face unlock was fooled as well.

Now the thing is, after facing criticism, Apple rebuild the Face ID feature, after seeing that the feature doesn’t work upside down at all! And this is going to be implemented on 2019 iPhones, that we will see coming this year. In September-October most probably.

Also, Google is introducing Project Soli, which actually captures the hand gestures pretty well. This feature/chip will help you navigate around the phone without touching it! Yes, this same feature is also coming on the Pixel 4.

Also, in my opinion, the Face Unlock by Google will be pretty safe. This is because the Android Q will require a dedicated face scan hardware to work with the Face Unlock. Now no more you have to use the camera but in the future devices.

Google is marketing the Face Unlock by mentioning that the Face Unlock can be used in many ways. Including payments as well. Also, it will work upside down as well.

You can watch the teaser here

Source: The Verge

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