The Benefits of Using Netbase Social Media Analytics on Business

Every single day, people log-in to all their social media accounts. Technology has made people reliant on all their gadgets for communication, entertainment, and self-expression. The amount of data generated daily from social media is massive. These data serve as a goldmine of information on a company’s client base, business prospects, and competitors.


Now, companies have their own social media accounts and they utilize it for marketing. They capitalize on social media analytics, with use of social media analytical tools like Netbase, in order to capitalize on the information gathered and collated from social media exchanges. Vanity metrics like number of followers often excite companies. However, the real measurement focus should be on meaningful Key Performance Indicators, known as KPIs, like referrals, number of clients retained, conversion rates, and more. Hereunder are some benefits of social media analytics on businesses:


Help you Know your Target Audience 


Using data analytical tools to determine which social media users mention your company or brand will help you know who your target audience is. More importantly, these data will make you more familiar with them because it reveals what they like, what makes them engaged, and what tickles their fancy. Netbased explained that these tools can help see which social networks they are most active on and what type of content they usually share.


To illustrate, these tools will show which content they frequently share from images, videos, memes, or company shout outs with their use of keywords or hashtags on posts. In addition to that, all these data can help your company make a customer persona. These are a list of demographics that show and describe the traits of their typical target customer. Knowing your client is the only way to keep them and social media analytics is useful in this aspect.


Assist your Company in Crafting Quality Content


Netbase noted that social media data analytical tools can help your company see the extent your target audience is sharing your content. On top of that, these tools can help you determine what content they are sharing. These two are extremely relevant in helping your marketing team craft content that will be interesting for your target audience.


The best marketing strategy now is to have your audience share the information on your behalf because many studies indicate that people rely more on testimonials and reviews over expensive direct advertising. By studying the types of content that your audience disseminates, you can develop and craft better messages that will grab their attention, keep them engaged, and compel them to share.


Assist in Identifying Influencers 


Social media analytical tools help your company with the identification of key influencers and show if what they’re doing actually works. Some users of social media have evolved to be a cut above the rest, establishing significant influence with the number of people who follow and trust them. Aside from celebrities, influencers are real people or businesses or organizations.


These influencers have the power to make others move or act with a mere positive mention of a brand. They also have the power to destroy a brand with just a single rant. Your company should consider the likes, preferences and keywords that influencers frequently use because a successful relationship with influencers has become a core technique in social media marketing.


Reveal your Competitors


Monitoring social media with the Netbase analytical tools will reveal your competitors marketing strategy. These tools also disclose their content, audience, and engagement. It is important to remember that any message that your competition shares with their audience can be accessed by you for analysis.


Often, the best way to beat competition is to find out what makes them tick. Use your competitors’ data to your advantage by finding out what amongst their roster of social media strategies are successful. On top of that, you can also learn from their mistakes and shy away from their behavior that has turned off clients.


With the advent of social media and the amount of time people spend on it on a daily basis, marketers really have to tap and leverage on social media usage to promote and advance their businesses. Every day, data is generated and these nuggets of information reveal a lot about customers, brand awareness, and competitors. Utilize social media analytics to process and make sense out of all these information. When these have been analyzed, it can help your company craft better social media content, reach more audience, and create a more enhanced engagement with clients.


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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