Factorio is the best factory game currently available.


Have you ever sat down on your computer, bored of playing all those battle royale games, all CS: Go games, and now want to try a new game? Well, I present to you: Factorio. It is a factory based game, where you build and maintain your factory, and protect it from alien population called Biters.

The game is simple: Build your factory, maintain and protect it from alien population: Biters. They eat down metals like anything.

The game is actually easy to say but not so easy in real life. Although the concept is easy to play in words when you sit down and start the game and play through it, you will be pretty messed up. And that you want to replay from the beginning, but less you know, you will be addicted to it by now.

Factorio isn’t just a game but is an emotion right now. Although fewer people know this game, these fewer people constitute a large number of players.

One of the few games to be stable in the Alpha/ Beta release, it is a superb game.

Although it is a kind of 3D-ish game, it has all the high-tech technology in-game. The game does let you harvest Uranium Ore and build and maintain a Nuclear reactor.

The last objective, as of now, is to launch a rocket into space! A game can’t be this adventurous or interesting, isn’t it?

Factorio: Gameplay

A Typical Factorio Gameplay

All you have to do is mine resources, create and advance through coal age to the nuclear age and to the Rocket age. You get all the resources lying around – wood, coal, petroleum, copper ore, iron ore, uranium, stones, etc.

Lay down your factory in a strategic way so that you do not have to mess around with mining and spacing.

The map is actually very huge. When you start it will be a very small piece of land visible. The more you explore, the map increase. Install radars to locate all the enemy bases, and resources on the map.

If you think the game is a Single Player, well hold on! It is also a multiplayer game!

And if you have completed the game, there are mods that add to your game and let you play a different game every time.

The Factorio is written in Lua, so as the mods are. If you are an avid programmer, you can learn Lua and add mods to the community.

However, the game is paid. There is a trial version for you to try and play before you purchase the entire game.


The game is available on their official site, Steam, and GoG.

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