MIUI with Android Q hands-on leaked


A recent video is circulating all over the internet mentioning that the UI is the next MIUI on Android Q Beta. However, Xiaomi did start a Closed beta for the OS, which resulted in 400 active testers. But XDA is XDA, they got their hands dirty, somehow.

Other than the fact that the OS is Android Q, MIUI is still 10, not 11. However, the Launcher is new and does have a system monitoring app, just like Digital Wellbeing.

Also, you will find the usual Android Q features onboard. Not only features, but the bugs as well. Some of them, as mentioned by Android Authority, are specific to the MIUI.

Several other features of the UI has that One-Hand kind of design is visible in the launcher. For example, the search bar is present on the reach of the hand in the UI.

Let’s see how MIUI will do in the coming days since the recent build isn’t up to the mark right now.

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