Spotify Lite Launches in 36 Countries

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Spotify has launched a super light weighted app, Spotify Lite, which is just 10MB. The app is made for low-end Android phones and the ones with a poor connection.

Spotify Lite is automatically set to stream tracks and podcasts at the “basic” setting by default.  According to Spotify, this means that it’ll just take 0.5MB to stream a song. But there’s also an option to increase the quality in case you wish.

“Spotify Lite was built from the ground up based on user feedback from around the world, allowing millions more to enjoy the world’s best music experience — especially in areas with limited bandwidth and phone storage.”

Kalle Persson, senior product manager at Spotify

The app is supported for Android version 4.2 and above. It is specifically made for those device with limited hardware and data connections.