PUBG Lite is now available as a pre-download


Thanks to its popularity among low end PC gamers, PUBG Lite is now available for download as a pre-download before the launch dates. The game is a rip off of a highly popular Battle Royale Game of same name, currently available on Steam.

The pre-download news comes straight from PUBGLITE (India) facebook page. Mentioning that the game is available for download in countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan Etc.

You can find the list of countries where the game is available for pre-download on the PUBG Lite Website.

However, you cannot play the game as of now, if you are from India, since the servers for the game will start from the said date: 4th July 2019. Before that, if you download the game and tried playing, it will return the following screen as a result.

PUBG Lite Error

This game targets PC with less powerful hardware, even with Intel Graphics, you can play the game with ease!

If you are from any of the mentioned countries, go ahead and download the game!

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