EMUI 10 might still launch despite the ban

Over at XDA Developers, the group got their hands on the early beta of EMUI 10 and flashed it on a P30 Pro.

The XDA folks had the option to confirm that the product will very likely be called EMUI 10. Moreover, it will run on Android Q.

Except for some changes here and there, there isn’t being much distinction between EMUI 10 and EMUI 9, at any rate until further updates.

The UI of the camera is somewhat unique and the new Android Q permission feature is available. However other than that it looks especially equivalent to previously.

Speaking about the changes, there are several under the hood. XDA is going to jump further into the software and will share its discoveries sooner rather than later.

Just before the U.S government imposed the ban, Huawei already announced the Android Q update for several devices. These devices include the P30 series and Mate 20 Series as well.

Just before the ban, Huawei might also have started working for the Android Q update. And by now, they might still be working for the same. But we hope that these devices should get the last update of their lives.

Source: Android Authority

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