7 Awesome Apps for Online Engineering Management Students

People often think that getting an online degree is the easy way out, but it’s anything but. You first have to learn how to be organized and self-disciplined. Then you have to be able to concentrate sometimes in the midst of chaos. It takes a certain type of individual to succeed as an online student, and people often misunderstand what it’s really like until they start. Thankfully, there are tons of tools and apps that can help you stay on the right track, be more productive, and eventually help you get better grades. Here are a few essential apps every online engineering management student should try.


If you’re a chronic procrastinator, things are only going to get worse if you have nobody to actually push you in the back to complete projects or remind you that you have a paper to turn in. While some apps will simply focus on things like alerts and to do lists, Unstuck uses a whole different approach.

Unstuck focuses on your current mental state and gives you solutions on how to get out of the rut. It uses a system of cards, all with a different emotion or feeling, like “overwhelmed”, “hazy”, or “unmotivated”. Each card will have advice on how to deal with your issues and get back on track. The app is currently available on MacOS and IOS.

Chegg Textbooks

Students will usually get access to most of what they need online as part of their online engineering management program. As a matter of fact, the average master of science in engineering management can be taken 100% online with very little campus time, and mostly using digital tools and textbooks.

But that doesn’t mean that it completely eliminates the need for physical books. If you need one particular textbook and don’t want to, or simply can’t get to campus, this app is for you. You’ll be able to order from their selection of available textbooks and they’ll be delivered straight to your door. Not only that, but they also allow digital access to the book while it is on its way to you. And once you’re done with the book, you can always sell it back by using the Cash4books app.

Scanner Mini/Pro

There are some times when you’ll need to scan some documents, whether it’s a handwritten note from a classmate, or a few pages from a magazine article or book. Not everybody has a scanner back home though, and there are tons of great apps that allow you to get the job done using only your mobile device, such as scanner mini and pro. You can quickly scan any document, convert it into a PDF, and send it to the person of your choice. You can also allow other computers on a same network to access the document in real time by enabling the Wi-Fi option.


Grid is an app that allows you to visualize spreadsheets easily online through the cloud. This app doesn’t only allow you to add text, but images as well, which is great if you’re trying to jot down a rough draft for a project that might have some visual elements to it. You can also use it as a classic organizer to organize special events or structuring study tasks.

Dragon Dictation

Dictation tools are some of the most powerful any online student can use. Need to quickly take note of an essential point from a lecture without having to use a pen and paper? Use dictation. You could also use a dictation tool to help you when writing papers and accelerate the whole process. Dragon dictation also allows you to multitask more easily and get some work done even if you don’t have all your equipment with you. This one should be on everyone’s list.


While there are tons of great to do list apps you can find online, none are as powerful and versatile as Todoist. In addition to allowing you to make lists quick, you can also use it to bookmark important information. Another great thing about Todoist is that you can easily share tasks with other people through the cloud, which makes collaborating on group projects with other students much easier.

Todoist works on most mobile devices and computers and has a number of browser extensions as well. You can divide task into different levels, drag and drop tasks through them, and add tags and recurring dates as well.

While the free version might do in a pinch, the paid version is where it’s at. While its relatively pricey at $29 per year, it is well worth it. You can add file attachments, spreadsheets, images, and PDFs, location alerts, email and mobile reminders, and link your app with over 15 different platforms. Not only that, but you also get some cool additional features like custom filtering, automated backups, and more. A must for any online engineering management student who wants to get things done, whether alone or as part of a team.

Evernote App Suite

Evernote’s suite of products is probably the most extensive set of productivity tools you’ll find out there. These tools are perfect for any online student, and pretty much all professionals as well.

Use the Penultimate app to quickly scribble down notes with a stylus and make it available to everyone on your team through search. Use the Clearly browser extension to make online content more readable. Or highlight snippets from a page and save them directly to Evernote. Evernote is by far the best life planning tool out there and they’re constantly working to improve it. Their suite of products will work on practically every platform, whether it be Android, OS, Windows, or Windows phone.

All these apps should be in your toolbox if you’re really serious about succeeding as an online engineering management student. Not only that, but they’ll make the job easier for you, which will boost your morale and make sure you get it right the first time.

Anindya Chowdury
Anindya Chowdury
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