Android Q Beta 4 resumes with a new update

In the beginning of June, Google started rolling out the latest Android Q Beta 4 update to the Pixel devices, however, ruined several of the devices in the process. The update somehow bricked several of the Pixel devices after the update.

The previous Beta 4 update somehow damaged several of the devices. Due to which Google had to stop the updates from their side.

But now they have fixed the problem and the update is now rolling out.

Now if you haven’t installed the Beta 4 update when it was released, well , no issues. The new update is available instead of the older version. And if you are already into the Android Q Beta 4 update, you will also get an update ready for download.

Google mentions the update version to be QPP4.190502.019. Also, the factory images are available with this update for the developers as well.

If you are new to the beta updates, do note that several of the apps will not work on Android Q as of now. This is because most of the apps target the Android Pie, which is the stable version available.

But if you want to try Android Q beforehand, and do not worry about the bugs or issues, you are good to go.

Source: Twitter

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