Huawei Wants Developers to Publish their Apps on “AppGallery”

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After Huawei’s addition to the US Commerce Department Entity list, the Chinese company is trying whatever it can to withhold the downfall of its smartphone business. Reports were telling that Huawei had been working on its own App store now that it can’t use Google Play services.

Now, Huawei is sending developers requests to publish their apps on AppGallery. XDA Developers first posted the news when a “trusted” developer showed an email from Huawei which requested that the app be published in the AppGallery store.

The email explains that over 350 million devices have been shipped by Huawei in just the last two years. Among these, half were shipped in western markets like Europe. All of those devices are pre-loaded AppGallery, meaning Huawei is granting developers access to “270 million monthly active users.”

Huawei also promises to assist the developer in bringing the app to the AppGallery, also touting 560,000 developers in the community. The email format looks something like this –

Subject: [OFFICIAL] Invitation to join Huawei AppGallery

Cheers XXX team,

– In the last 2 years, Huawei shipped over 350M phones, about half of them in western markets.
– All Huawei phones have our official AppStore “AppGallery” preloaded globally, with 270 million monthly active users.
– We realized that your great Android App XXX is not yet published in our AppGallery.
– In order to guarantee a smooth usage of your App for our users, Huawei is committed to providing you with full support, to help you publish your App into AppGallery.
– We would, therefore, like to invite you to join our 560k developers’ community for free, in our Huawei Developer portal.

But Hauwei still can’t bring major apps to AppGallery like YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and more because all these are owned by US companies. Let’s see how Huawei tackles this next challenge.