Oak OS will be the new OS by Huawei

After getting banned from the largest service (Play Services), Huawei is trying hard to create its own OS, called Oak OS. The launch of the new OS will be done in the month of September or August. This is the time approximate to when Google will launch its Android Q to the market.

The news comes straight from Global News in a tweet:

And if we read, the tweet clearly states that the OS is called HongMeng OS in China and Oak OS in overseas market. But Huawei is testing the OS to a full-scale.

Also, After the ban from the US government for trading with Huawei, Google banned the company to get a hand on Google Play Services completely. This also includes Google’s proprietary apps like Play Store, Play Music, and others.

After that many other firms ceased their business with Huawei, but some did step back from their decisions.

Right now Huawei is working on a temporary license from the US government itself.

However, Google expressed its worries with the blacklisting of Huawei. According to Google, each and every user will have a severe security risk, if they use Huawei’s AOSP based OS. Google only promotes security under its own branded security updates, more or less.

Lets see if the rumor of the new OS is just a rumor or a reality.

Source: Android Authority

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