Google Play Store has a new UI in the recent update


The day when it all started. When the handheld smartphones got taller stronger and sharper :P. The devices’ display has got a taller display for a few years. However, most of the apps sill follows the 16:9 aspect ratio to date. However, Google is not. They are constantly making it easier for users to use the apps and navigate around the app. That’s exactly what new Google Play Store update is all about.

The Update is a pretty decent one. It brings the Google’s very own Material design to the track. Also, to make the navigation a bit easier, Google has included the Bottom Navigation Bar in the Play Store update.

The main AppBar Tab menu has been shifted to the bottom of the app, making it pretty easier to reach.

The Top slidable menu below the search bar, is the specific menu.

Talking about the Search Bar, notice that the older green title bar is replaced with a single, white and decent looking search bar.

This kind of the design implementation somehow from Samsung’s One UI. The OneUI focuses on easier usability on the larger displays. Samsung’s own apps are specially designed for easy usability as well.

Well, it can go pretty good if OEMs keep on launching larger display smartphones, these kinds of apps can work even better then.

The update is gradually rolling out, in phases. If you are not able to get the update already, Go to three bar menu > Settings > Tap on Play Store version.

IF still, you aren’t able to get the update, consider sideloading the app from ApkMirror.

Just Download the file and open it, then tap install to install. Enjoy the New UI!

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