How Excelsior College Can Prepare You For a Career in Cybersecurity

With the 24-hour news cycle dominated by issues of cybersecurity — from hacks from other countries that threaten our national security to data breaches at financial institutions that pose a risk to our personal finances — there has never been a better time to pursue the field of cybersecurity. As tech startups and giants are forced to grapple with issues of data storage and privacy, they need experts who can help them follow evolving protocols and defend them from outside threats.


Going to college to get a degree in cybersecurity offers a great opportunity for you to set yourself up for success in the workforce. In fact, most cybersecurity jobs pay quite handsomely, with the average salary hovering at around $116,000, almost three times the national median salary. By learning how to implement and understand cybersecurity strategies, you’ll be able to provide a continuous solution. If you’re looking at getting a degree in cybersecurity, you can’t go wrong with any of the technology programs at Excelsior College. Read on to see why Excelsior is an excellent choice.


Excelsior College is highly lauded in the field of cybersecurity


First and foremost, Excelsior College is highly reputable in the field of cybersecurity. Excelsior is home to the National Cybersecurity Institute (NCI), a widely-recognized institute for research, discovery, and best practices in the field. Recognized by both the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Administration as a “National Center of Academic Excellence,” the NCI offers cutting-edge courses in issues of cybersecurity as well as a peer-reviewed journal which offers greater insight into the worlds of security and technology. All of this combines to form a reputation which means something in the industry, ensuring that as a graduate from Excelsior College, your degree will mean something.


Excelsior College offers extra resources for students to go above and beyond


Excelsior’s commitment to cybersecurity and its students goes beyond the classroom, thanks to extracurricular programming at the school. One of many academic clubs on campus is the Cybersecurity Club, which allows you to network with and learn from other cybersecurity students at the school. Beyond meeting other students who share your major, the Cybersecurity Club also offers you the opportunity to represent Excelsior in cybersecurity competitions and hackathons, as well as make your mark on the Excelsior College student body. The result is an educational environment rich with hands-on ways to approach cybersecurity in the “real world.”


Excelsior College has a cybersecurity program for students at all walks of life


Another great benefit of studying technology and cybersecurity at Excelsior College is the fact that you get the opportunity to join the program no matter how much schooling you’ve already obtained. Excelsior offers cybersecurity degrees at the associates, bachelors, and masters level, allowing you to complement your existing degree and shift to a new career path. Each degree is offered online, too, so that it can fit in with your schedule and you can continue to work while attending classes. This flexibility makes it much simpler to make a change in your life and pursue a new line of work.


As a result of the growing number of careers in the tech sector, it’s only logical that adjacent work in fields like cybersecurity has grown, too. As more people seek to gain an upper hand and search for better-paying jobs, cybersecurity is an excellent option. With a high rate of pay and the ability to earn credentials no matter where you are in your schooling, pursuing a career in cybersecurity can be as fulfilling as it is lucrative. With so many options from Excelsior College, there’s never been a better time to make a change in direction for your career.


Anindya Chowdury
Anindya Chowdury
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