Google Pixel 3a and its elder sibling has the ridiculous pricing in India

At Google I/O 2019, Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL came into the broad daylight. Although the pricing for the US market is justifiable, in the case of countries like India, it is completely hideous. You want to know why, continue reading the article.

First, let us talk about the specifications of the Google Pixel 3a.  The Pixel 3a comes with a 5.6-inch OLED display with a resolution of 2220×1080. The processor in the device is Snapdragon 670. For RAM, it has 4GB, which is enough, and the storage is around 64GB. The camera on the device has the 12MP camera, and the front is 8MP The good thing is the device has a headphone jack, and USB type-C.

Similarly, Pixel 3a XL has a larger display than the Pixel 3a. It has a 6.0-inch display. And the rest of the specifications are the same. However, the battery is quite different. The 3a has a 3,000mAh battery, and the 3A XL has 3,700mAh battery.

Google turning Apple with Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL.

Now let’s talk about the pricing. The Pixel 3a has been priced for $399, whereas the price of 3a XL is around $479. which is ok-ish. But if we convert the price to INR, the $399 = ₹27776.58 more or less. Also, the $479 = ₹33345.82. However, the price of these two devices in India, are as follows: Pixel 3a is ₹39,999 ($574.99) whereas the Pixel 3a XL for ₹44,999 ($646.86).

My question is – why?

Are those from any angle the mid-range budget device?

Even the Budget friendly flagship from Poco cost around ₹20,000 only, which was very good when it was launched. The Poco F1 although has the LCD display, it still rocks the powerful Snapdragon 845 out of the box. Which is a way better deal than buying the Google Pixel 3a at all!

Why are we paying premium here, although Google says its a  mid-range?

The Stock Android (Mi A-series: Am I a joke to you?)?

The Camera? Yes, maybe?

The Headphone jack? Are you freaking serious?

The USB Type-C with Fast Charging (Samsung New A-series (and other devices with USB Type-C below ₹20,000): Am I a Joke to you?)?

The Snapdragon 670 Processor? The Redmi Note 7 Pro uses the Snapdragon 675 instead.

Still no SD card support. However, most of the devices in that range has one inside it.

What about storage? mere 64GB? Even if you are giving a 64GB storage, at least give the SD card for expansion or give at least 128GB on the device!

At this price, you get a plastic shell.

You have no water resistant at all, which is OK since none of the mid-rangers have that, Same goes with wireless charging. BUT! Do you know that Google is asking this much for a shiny polycarbonate shell? Well, yes. IN this price range we have some Glass body devices and MetalBody devices. Even in this price range, we can get a Pixel 2 XL, but they are still outdated, and still can perform better than this overpriced plastic shell.

What I think is Google is just ignoring Indian Market like anything. Google is trying to become Apple but with an open-source Platform.

Well, I guess this is enough for today.

Pixel 3a on Flipkart, the most garbage e-commerce platform.

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