LG G8 ThinQ is now available on Sprint for $320 only

When you have Best Buy, then why to worry for waiting long for getting your product on reduced MSP? Yes, you guessed it right. We have a deal for you people. This time, as the title suggests, LG G8 ThinQ is on sale. That too from Best Buy.

This new deal from Best Buy let you get the G8 ThinQ for a straight $320 only. What you have to do is to be on Sprint, since this deal is for the existing customers.

Just for a limited time, You can switch to the LG G8 ThinQ flagship, by paying $320 and trade in your existing Sprint device. However, you will have to be with Sprint for 24 months more, else you will end up paying the full retail price of the device.

The retail price of the device is a whopping $880, which you will somehow avoid by not switching out after getting the device. And if you want to get into Sprint network with a new connection, the device will cost you $10.83/m which is $259.92! Which is too low than the One Time Price of the device!

Source:  Best Buy

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