Microsoft is adding new Security Features to Microsoft 365

Let’s first know what exactly Microsoft 365 is? It is a SaaS or says Software as a Service meant for businesses. In actual, it is a combination of Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Security + Mobility. And with the security of a business in mind, Microsoft today announced a set of security features for the Saas.

Starting from Microsoft 365 E5 and E5 Compliance, Microsoft is now introducing Advanced Message encryption. That means, even if your mail leaves the office, it will still remain encrypted. Everything here relies on the admin, who can also take away the encryption rights as well.

Also, Microsoft is adding a new search tool, which gives you the ability to take action on at-risk sensitive data. However, this feature is still under Beta. Also, you can prevent sending sensitive information to the Teams channel as well.

Microsoft 365 will also come with new compliance features. The Compliance Manager will give you the ability to create assessments, which will also support both Microsoft and 3rd party applications on the premises. It will also allow you to use the Secure Score API and the Multi – Geo feature will allow you to store data anywhere around the world.

Source: Neowin

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