Scoped Storage implementation moves to year 2020

Google introduced Scoped Storage in Android Q for a very good reason: confining apps to their own storage space. So that no other apps can access it without permission. Although meant for good, the feature received a lot of criticism.

The Android Q is meant for privacy, a whole new OS update for privacy. And this feature meant privacy for the users’ apps. When the apps are installed, the Scoped Storage makes a kind of virtual environment for the apps to run and write their own files, thus making it completely impossible for other apps to invade the virtual space.

Also, Google added a compatibility mode for the apps that are installed before Android Q beta 2. This also counts apps made for Android Pie and before. Now the problem arises when users reinstall the app, the compatibility mode goes poof!

Although it is a very nice feature, it somehow messes up how users use their device. Also, the devs are saying they need more time to update the apps for this feature. Therefore, Google is now pushing the feature to the year 2020, and not implementing the API for the same for now.

Source:  Android Central

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