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Tuneskit Spotify Converter: Make your songs offline


Spotify is the leading Music Streaming solution in the world. Well, who doesn’t like Spotify? Free Music to listen, a vast library of music, and podcast, that too free! Like who doesn’t care about free stuff? I do, well everybody does. Also, you have premium services, which does remove ads, brings you the highest premium sound for streaming (320Kbps Ogg Vorbis, to be precise), which is just great. But the problem comes here, not only with Spotify but with other services as well. That is DRM. DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. This allows the owners of service to encrypt the data in such a way that their app or services can only decrypt them and use them. Well, Spotify also does that. And it is a pain since premium service remains for 1 year at most. Even on Free account, you need to have an internet connection. On premium, you can just download the music on the app itself, with no way to transfer it to your PC. But We have a solution. The Tuneskit Spotify Converter saves you from this dilemma.

Tuneskit Spotify Converter – A nice way to download songs from Spotify

Tuneskit brings you a nice solution to get over the DRM protected content of Spotify. This also helps you to transfer the converted songs to your PC, or anywhere you want to. The Spotify Converter allows you to download the content on the basis of your extension taste. You want FLAC, MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B or WAV, you got it.

In fact you can get the Sample Rates according to your preferences as well. Starting from 8000Hz to 48000Hz, you got it all. Just select as per requirement, plus channel and Bitrate as per your taste.

A very good thing about this software is that it converts your music in a pretty fast, 5X speed so that you don’t have to wait to transfer and listen it on your favorite music system anymore.
want to get the content organized according to artist and Albums? You have it. Just select the option of Artist or Artist/Album.

We will discuss how to convert Music from Spotify.

Functionality? Pretty Simple, as simple as you download content from Torrent. Just Drag and Drop your music from Spotify to the Converter and click Convert, you will get your music. One more thing, if you are the kind of person who hates music with no Album Art or any metadata just like me, then worry no more. Spotify Converter retains them all.

Download TunesKit Spotify Converter

Downloading Music Using Tuneskit Spotify Converter

Let Me tell you how you can do it.

  1. Open Tuneskit Spotify Converter. I assume you already downloaded it and installed it.
  2. Notice how Spotify Opens in the background as soon as you launch the software. However, you cannot Listen to Spotify at this time. 
  3. Head to the three bars option at the top right. Select Preference. 
  4. Now Head to Convert Section, Select your desired configuration. Notice that I am using FLAC with 48kHZ, Dual Channel and a blank Bitrate. Wait, Hold on a sec, I will let you know why it is blank. Also, Select how you want to organize your music. 
  5. Apply and you go.
  6. Now Spotify, Go to your playlist or search any song. I’ll go with 2 Pac’s One Day At A Time (Em’s Version)
  7. Drag and drop it on the Converter Window. Or You just tap on the three vertical dots, select share, copy URL or Copy URI.
  8. For URL/ URI paste it on the given address bar.
  9. Click Convert. Don’t Forget to select the storage location. 
  10. Wait until done. Head to the location and listen to your music.

Simple Trick to improve Bitrate on the Tuneskit Spotify Converter

Please note that this will help for FLAC codec only.

Head to C:\Users\yourUSername\AppData\Roaming\TunesKit Spotify Converter. Open Config.ini.

Here you will see BitRate as 320 or any other thing. Just increase it to 1024. Now Save it. And you are Done.


By default, this convertor is available for free. But this free version comes with some limitation only. Around 5 min of music can be converted at once. However, the premium version comes for as low as $29.95 for a lifetime right now, else you have to pay $49.95.

I hope you love this nice Converter from Tuneskit.

Homepage: TunesKit

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