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Verizon’s Mobile 5G is Coming to 30 Major US Cities in 2019

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Verizon is all set to debut its Mobile 5G services in 30 US cities this year. 5G, which is up to 40x faster than traditional 4G LTE, is becoming more commercial and will further expand in the coming years. However, in 2019, only a couple of phones and carriers will support Mobile 5G.

Verizon is also the first US carrier to offer customers Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 5G phone. Verizon has previously unveiled a Lenovo Motorola phone that will get an add-on 5G module later this year, as well as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot from Inseego that can catch 5G signals.

Verizon hasn’t disclosed the name of the 30 cities, or at what date it will start its services. Verizon also said it would not charge a premium for the faster speeds.

Is 5G ready to roll out in 2019? It might be, it might be not. Comment down your thoughts below.