Galaxy S10 Series, Unlocked Galaxy S10

AT&T has the Galaxy S10 for you and a friend!

AT&T, Samsung

The Deal:

Boy oh boy do our friends at AT&T have an amazing offer for you! If you want a Samsung Galaxy S10 and know a friend  or family member that wants one too then look to AT&T! They will be running a buy one get one offer when you pre-order a device from the Galaxy S10 family. Pre-orders begin 2/21/2019 at 12am EST. You can find the pre-order page at You do need to be an AT&T customer to take advantage of this deal. If you’re interested in this deal make sure to make the switch to AT&T asap. AT&T supports a wide array of devices so you should be able to use your old phone while you wait for your shiny new S10e, S10 or S10+. If you’re as curious as we were to find out more about the new S10 read up on the specs here.

If you’re a first responder you won’t want to miss out on the S10 either. These devices will carry the new Band 14 which is part of the FirstNet communications platform. This band is dedicated to ensuring first responders have the best access to wireless networks in the case of an emergency.

What else does AT&T have going on?
5G Information!

AT&T has deployed the first standards based 5G network. Why is this important in a Samsung post? That’s because AT&T and Samsung will be teaming up to release a 5G phone in the coming months. Samsung and AT&T are also working together to release a second 5G smartphone in the second half of 2019.  The phone will be able to access AT&T’s sub 6 GHZ spectrum. It will be released broadly later this year and nationwide by the end of 2020! We don’t know much more about the device but stay tuned to Onetechstop for all the information you could want about AT&T, Samsung, and other technology news.

If you’re curious about wanting more information on AT&T’s 5G network make sure to check out AT&T’s “5 Facts about AT&T 5G” here.

Foldable Goodness!:

Samsung’s newly announced foldable phone will be coming to AT&T later on this year! You can read all about it in the editorial here. Although the phone will be expensive you should be able to pick it up on a 30 month installment plan from AT&T. If you’re an early adopter this phone should definitely be on your radar.


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