PlayStation 5 might get backward compatibility

Recently Sony filed a patent which will allow gamers to play older games on newer hardware. The patent is designed by PS4 lead architect Mark Cerny. You might see this patent with PlayStation 5.

According to Mark, this new patent might allow users to play the older games on PS 5. Which means you can play games from PS4 to PS 1 on your PlayStation 5 with Ease. Mark says they will use a feature called Processor ID spoofing, which will make the legacy games think they are running on the original device.

However, we can compare this feature as virtualization. In virtualization, we virtualize the hardware, so that we can virtually run the OS. This leads the OS to think they are running on an original system.

However, Sony is still backing off from this plan, due to the tricky architecture of PlayStation 3.

The specifications of the upcoming PS5 isn’t known, but we can say that the PS will be superior to its predecessor.

Source: TechSpot

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