High Capacity UFS is the new trend for Samsung

Samsung recently launched its first High Capacity UFS chip. This chip brings 1TB of storage capacity to the mobile devices.

The new eUFS chip is has stacking of 16 layers of Samsung’s 512GB of V-NAND. As per Samsung, a user can store up to 260 10min long 4K videos. Also, compared to the previous generations eUFS, the sequential read speed is around 1,000MB/s or in simple, 1GB/s whereas you will get 260MB/s sequential write speed.

If you notice, the new eUFS chips have the similar capability of as that of a standard 2.5-inch SSD drive. In fact, with speeds higher than them.

The new chip also features around 58,000 IOPS on Random Read. Whereas the on Random write around 50,000 IOPS, which is great!

The High CapacityUFS chips from Samsung has around 20x more storage than an a64GB chip. Whereas around 10x more speed than a typical micro SD card.

The High Capacity UFS promises to bring evolution to the embedded memory market.

Source: Samsung News

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