Huawei Band 3e Review

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The Huawei Band 3e is a very basic fitness tracker. It’s a step tracker/sleep tracker with no heart rate monitor that is meant for those who are looking to get into fitness and want an affordable place to start. The Band 3e can be picked up for a shockingly low MSRP of $29.99. In this review I will go over my thoughts and opinions after wearing this fitness tracker for the better part of 3 weeks.


The unboxing experience was nice and straightforward. The first thing you’ll notice is you get what you pay for. The band is a bit cheap and the shoe clip looks thrown together, but everything is there. Once you give it a solid 10 minute charge to ensure it has battery clip it in and set it up.

Setup and Use:

Setup and use is unusually easy. All you do is download the Huawei Health app, navigate to the setup section and follow the instructions. Took me about 5-10 minutes only because I didn’t read you had to press and hold the center button on the fitness band for 4 seconds to enable pairing mode. Other than that, once you set it up, you’re ready to go.

Using the band was nice. It didn’t feel hugely uncomfortable on my wrist, I even slept with it on a few times. The application will leave a notification in your notification shade if you’re on Android. This will tell you your steps and approximate calories burned. It didn’t bother me all too much and if the band had trouble connecting I could quickly navigate to the app.

The Application:

I have to say, for a Huawei application, this is very well made. I didn’t feel frustrated navigating it and it gave me a lot of the stats I wanted and needed. The fitness band itself will give you nominal information such as steps walked and hours slept. If you want graphs and in depth information go to the application. The application also gave you a choice of what applications you’d get notifications from on the band itself. You couldn’t read the notification, or know what kind of notification you had but, at least for that second you knew you had one.

The Good, and the Bad (No Ugly):

What I liked:

  • Size
  • Price
  • Convenience
  • Features for the money
  • Battery life (5-7 days)

Did not like:

  • Connectivity issues (Would disconnect and reconnect every few hours)
  • No way to differentiate notifications
  • Lack of software updates
Note about the connectivity issue:

I didn’t make a big deal about the connectivity issues because they were easily resolved. If I opened the app quickly it would resolve itself or it would happen on its own. I couldn’t tell if it affected my graph data at all though but the notification always seemed accurate. I only noticed this occasionally when I looked at the tracker to check the time.

Would I buy it:

Personally, no, fitness bands aren’t for me. However, these make for a great small gift for someone looking to get into working out. Last minute holiday gift, or pick up 2 and challenge a friend to get fit. You can’t argue that for $29.99. This is a nice start for a fitness band. If you’re looking for a heart rate sensor and more features, look at the Pro. We will be reviewing the Pro model and stand by for a link to that article in the future. Regardless though, I think Huawei put out a good product that competes with Fitbit in the entry level. I would recommend it. If you’d like to buy the Band 3e here’s a link

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We would like to thank Huawei for lending us the Band 3e for review. This was a loaner device and we returned it to Huawei when the review was completed. We were not paid to write this review and all of the opinions are our own.