Google Bixby

Google Apps will Work with Bixby soon!

CES, Google, Samsung

CES without Samsung is unthinkable. Samsung took a large stage area and is talking about a lot of announcements. One of them is that Bixby will now work with top Google apps. This means that you can ask Bixby to send a mail, using Gmail, or to give directions using Google Maps.

This comes after the news that iTunes is now on Samsung TVs. Speaking of Samsung TVs, they will be also compatible with Google Assistant by way of Google Home and other smart speakers/screens. So you can just ask Google Assistant to show you photos or some video directly on your TV and it’ll do that.

Samsung is trying hard to make Bixby functional and usable. The integration might be useful for more compatibility.

More implications haven’t been announced yet. Stay tuned for more CES coverage.