Android Messages Spam protection now rolling out

Google has started rolling out spam protection to its Android Messages. The app will analyze your messages in the background, thus blocking the spam messages for you. However, it is a major concern to your privacy, since, for this feature, the app will, obviously, access your phonebook.

Although Google says that feature will keep a copy of the message that is sent. However, if a user reports spam manually, the number will also be saved temporarily. The Google blog states that the copy of the message will be sent to Google. The software might ask you to manually send a report if the message is spam. Also, the carriers who allows reporting spam will also get a copy of the message

The Android Messages is a nice app, one is one of the first apps to support spam reporting directly from Google. However, privacy is also a concern. Do you think that this feature will make you compromise between spam and privacy?

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Source: The Verge

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