Sony Xperia XZ3

The “Frequently Bought Together” Section can get Weird

The Story:

I was browsing Best Buy’s website to see if there were any random deals, and saw deal on the Xperia XZ3 and decided to take a quick peak. When I look at a product I like to see what retailers put in the “Frequently bought together” section. The picture below is what Best Buy recommended me.

Frequently Bought Together

At first I laughed, then I thought, “wait, some people actually click this”. It blew my mind that, even if this is just an algorithm how poor the choices were. Best Buy assumed people would want to buy a second Xperia XZ3, a screen protector for the Galaxy Note 9 and a case for the Moto G. These may be popular items but somebody may actually think some of these accessories are necessary.

What do I think should happen next?:

I think companies really need to think about what they’re recommending their customers. Sure, someone who is buying one phone may want a second for another person, I’ll let that slide. However, recommending accessories that are clearly incompatible with the original phone being purchased is crazy. In my opinion this shows lack of attention as well as lack of care on the website’s part.

Ensure you’re checking the products being recommended before clicking the add to cart button. They keep this option here because people seem to use it. Warn others too to check the compatibility of accessories based on the device they’re buying. I hope companies also work on their algorithms because these features stay around because people use it. They should at least be recommending us the correct items.

Disclaimer: I’m using Best Buy as an example in this article. I’ve seen other companies have these sections in their product details but this one happened to stick out to me.