Alexa crashed considerably on Christmas

Yesterday, on Christmas, Amazon’s own Voice Assistant ‘slept’, as people logged in into several new Amazon Echo devices at once. Yes, Alexa went down yesterday!

Amazon Alexa got overload with so many of voice requests, that it failed to respond any of them. Alexa crashed at 10 AM yesterday, replying, “Sorry, I’m having trouble understanding you right now.” This, however, kept new users from enjoying Amazon’s Voice Assistant to its full potential.

Several users reported this on Twitter to Amazon.

Amazon’s voice assistant works on voice commands, which are sent to a server of Amazon. This is then converted to plain command and returned back to the Echo.

However, Amazon has not replied about the issue yet.

When a smooth performing assistant fails, it creates an intense headache for its creator. Same is the case of Amazon. Due to people logging in to Echo at once, without their knowledge, they overloaded the server, making the service drop.

Given the popularity of the assistant, Amazon needs to work properly on their Assistant so that they can handle these overloaded request with ease.

However, the same users reporting that the Voice Assistant is up and is good to go. So, now if you try to give commands, you will have your reply.

Now enjoy your favorite music on the Echo from your Voice. Just speak to it and let melodies fill your home. If you are a new user, you can ask Alexa to play your favorite music on Spotify, get something searched on Google. You can also search for a cooking recipe with the help of Alexa.

Choice Is Yours: Alexa or Google?

Amazon’s Echo has a lot of potential in it. It can even compete with Google’s own Google Assistant head to head. Now it’s your choice, whether to select the Echo or Google Home.

Source: The Sun

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