AT&T is the Best Carrier To Identify Spam Calls, says study

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With the rising number of mobile phone users all over the world, the frequency of spam calls has increased too. The carriers we use do their best to segregate such calls from the useful ones but we still get them occasionally.

An independent study by HarrisX, the market research specialist focused on telecommunications, tested how well the top four US carriers – AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon – identify both spam and non-spam phone calls. All phones were equipped and enabled with the highest tier of each carrier’s available spam protection services. The study found AT&T Call Protect out-performed its competitors in correctly identifying spam and non-spam numbers.

The results show :

  • AT&T catches the most spam calls: AT&T was the most accurate at identifying spam calls, correctly flagging them 58% of the time. Verizon was second at 54%. T-Mobile had 35%. Sprint had less than 1%.
  • AT&T has the lowest spam error rate: In this test, AT&T incorrectly flagged calls as spam only 6% of the time. T-Mobile and Verizon inaccurately tagged calls as spam 15% and 16% of the time, respectively. With less than 1% of spam calls caught, Sprint was deemed not relevant for this portion of the study.
  • AT&T has the most complete and accurate Caller ID information, at 80% of the time. Verizon’s complete and accurate Caller ID information was 72%, T-Mobile’s was 70% and Sprint’s was 69%.

The test shows how AT&T rescues you against spams which are otherwise annoying. It is good to have your carrier do this job as third-party apps like Truecaller have been found leaking personal data. 

Google is also quite aware of this issue. One of Pixel 3’s key features was the ability of the Google Assistant to answer calls for you. When the Google Assistant is speaking, you get a live transcript of the ongoing call. The other Pixels have also received this feature.

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