Does the ‘Dark Web’ Really Exist?

The internet as you know it is only the tip of the iceberg. Beyond the web that you access every day using your search engines, there is a deeper web that holds important information and is reputedly home to some dark and sinister websites. While these tales are always floating around the web about websites that are quite often illegal and dangerous to visit, very few know about it and fewer know how to access it. So, the question remains, does the dark web really exist? Well, it does but it may be surprising to learn that it is not all that it is said to be. To better understand the dark web and how it functions, let’s go through each of the components of the world wide web and find out what the dark web is truly about.


The surface web


The surface web refers to any part of the world wide web that can be indexed and found by search engines, the most notable being engines such as Google and Yahoo. Believe it or not, the web that we use on a daily basis is only a minute portion of the web that actually exists. This portion gives the general public permission to access these web pages so that you can do things such as shop, learn more about specific topics, and access resources for entertainment or social connectivity. Everything that you use regularly, that can be located by absolutely anyone using the internet, and can access without special permissions can be found in the surface web.


The deep web


Beyond the web pages that are publicly accessible, there are also pages that require special permissions to access. One example of such web content could be your email. While the provider’s site would fall into the surface web, your personal email consists of a webpage that requires a password in order to access it, making it a part of the deep web. In addition to websites and pages that everyone can access with the right permissions, there are also databases of information that can only be accessed by certain organizations and businesses that generally contain sensitive information that are not meant for anyone outside of the business or organization. Overall, if it is private and meant only for certain individuals, it is part of the deep web.


The dark web


The dark web does exist and it refers to a small portion of the deep web that is meant to be hidden away and is not accessible through search engines. In fact, the dark web can only be accessed through special protocols such as the Tor browser and the Tor network. The Tor network is an anonymous and heavily encrypted network of sites that can only be accessed through the Tor browser. Due to the anonymity, privacy, and secrecy of the dark web, it is known for its illegal activities. By utilizing dark web monitoring tools, which monitor and protect businesses and individuals from threats, you can proactively stay ahead of planned attacks, data breaches, and stolen credentials to your business and yourself protected.  However, not all dark websites are as terrible as you might have heard. Some may be simply sites where people who are not allowed to normally share information can speak freely or may be email providers who give you an anonymous email for a short period of time.

Does the dark web really exist? Yes! It is a hidden corner of the deep web that gives users more anonymity and privacy than other parts of the internet. Whether its uses are meant for information sharing or more nefarious purposes, the dark web houses content that is meant to be hidden away so that others cannot monitor what is being hosted, accessed or shared.

Sriyansa Mohanty
Sriyansa Mohanty
Student and a Blogger from India.

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