[HEALTH TECH] Fitbit Versa First Impression

Having tested and reviewed most past Fitbit offerings, we were happy to get our hands on a Fitbit Versa a week ago and thought we’d give you our initial opinions, with a more detailed review planned after the Christmas season.

The Packaging

When we removed the delivery packaging and saw Fitbits own packaging all looked familiar with the same design style being used as previous Fitbit trackers (Blaze, Alta HR, Charge 2,etc.) As always, this provided the feeling of a quality product, as usual.

The Reveal

Pealing off the clear plastic tang from the bottom of the packaging enabled us to slide the outer graphic up and off the inner blue box, and lifting the lid presented us with our first glance of the Fitbit Versa in the upper half and the standard Fitbit accessories box taking up the lower half.

When we opened the accessories box we found a longer (L/G) version of the none-buckle end of the tracker strap. We must say it’s a nice move to reduce waste and have a single re-used buckle side of the strap whilst providing both the shorter (S/P) and longer (L/G) variants of the other end. Better for the environment and better for the user, as this way you are guaranteed to have a variant that suites you.

The Set-up

Intial set-up of the Fitbit Versa was simple, although you need WiFi to download playlists and apps from the Fitbit App Gallery, and for faster firmware updates. Normal sync is still via Bluetooth  though.

First Use

Once the Fitbit Versa was set-up we were able to explorer it’s many screens and ogle over it’s beautifully clear and richly coloured hi-resolution touch screen. The Fitbit Versa is clear evolution from the Fitbit Blaze adding extra functionality as well as a slimmer, lighter and more sophisticated appearance.

In addition to its more appealing aesthetic when compared to the Fitbit Blaze, the Fitbit Versa is one of the newer generation Fitbit Smartwatches to make use of the Pebble derived App Store and user created watchface options.

When we add the ability to store up to 300 music tracks, 50m water resistance (meaning that you can swim in your Fitbit) and the inclusion of a SPO2 sensor to check your blood oxygen although we’re not sure if it’s in use yet.

Initial Conclusion

Although we have only been using the Fitbit Versa for just over a week we are loving it and our initial impression is that it is a very impressive improvement on the already impressive Fitbit Blaze. It feels like we’ve been waiting a lifetime for Fitbit to provide a fully functional, waterproof tracker/smartwatch that we didn’t need to take off to swim.

Keep up the good work Fitbit. We are looking forwards to putting it through it paces over the next couple of months after which we provide our in-depth review.

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