AT&T and Samsung To Launch 5G smartphone in H1 2019

AT&T, Samsung

AT&T announced that it is working with Samsung to launch a 5G smartphone in the first half of 2019. This is AT&T’s second mobile 5G device so far.

AT&T’s President of Mobility and Entertainment David Christopher says “5G is going to be about more than just a network. Customers will eventually be able to connect in near real-time to unforeseen possibilities.”

The company foresees that 5G will play a vital role in our future. It also expects 5G technology to help in the mass production of products in factories.  “We (AT&T) expect that future smart factories will be filled with 5G-connected sensors that can channel real-time information about equipment performance, ranging from vibration to noise data.”

We know that Samsung will be releasing 5 variants of the Galaxy S10, including a 5G exclusive variant. Would this be the phone AT&T and Samsung are working on?