UNBOXING: Libratone Zipp 2 Smart Speaker

Today we are happy to bring you an unboxing of the new £279.00 Zipp 2 wireless smart speaker by Libratone.

The first thing we noted on seeing the packaging was the clean aesthetic and crisp design.

On going to open the box we liked the zip appearance of the top tear strip meaning that it was akin to unzipping the box to gain access to the treat within.

Once inside we were presented with the stylish white Libratone logo on a black disc, hiding the user manual, atop the polystyrene protective packing.

Removing the upper packaging presented us with a quality fabric pouch providing the final barrier to seeing the contents.

With this last layer of protection removed we welcomed the highly aesthetic design and feel of the Zipp 2 speaker.

Although we aren’t going to cover the full technical specification of the Zipp 2 in this unboxing we are happy to say that the llok and feel are that of a high quality product. The weight of speaker leaves it feeling heavy enough to feel substantial and solid but so much as to feel overweight. At this point we should also note that a large portion of the weight of the Zipp 2 is the result of it’s internal battery enable true wireless sound when combined with its WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity.

In adition to the Zipp 2, the box contained a very stylish power plug with a light grey braided power cable and an interchangeable UK 3-prong plug or a 2-prong European plug.

Once we had powerd-on the Zipp 2 wireless smart speaker and set it up using the android Libratone app we had the a wireless smart speaker connected to Amazon Alexa and capable of connection to Siri voice service and Apple HomeKit through AirPlay 2.

Finally we set it playing us some music from the Amazon Music app and were blown away by the quality and fullness of sound emanating from it.

Now we’re off for a couple of weeks to enjoy listening to and interacting with the Zipp 2, before providing a more in-depth review.

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