Pixel 3 Devices and Stand on Sale, but?

Today, on the occasion of Thanksgiving, Best Buy has several deals for you. Best Buy giving away Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL and Pixel Stand at a highly discounted price point. First, let’s talk about the Pixel 3/XL deal.

Best Buy is offering you both the devices at a highly discounted price. You can have either of the Pixel devices, as low as $500. Yes, straight $400 discount. However, there is a ‘BUT’ in the title of this post.

The devices Best Buy is offering is a Verizon – based device. That means you will have to register for an active connection billing if you get the devices. However, the offer is valid for today and tomorrow. And according to Droid Life, the devices are limited. And, you will get the heavy discount only if you opt for Verizon’s any of the connection plan. Same goes with Pixel 2XL as well.

Get the 3 here -> Best Buy

Get the 3 XL here -> Best Buy

Pixel Stand is also on sale as well, along with Pixel 3.

Now let’s leave the Pixel Smartphones aside. The Pixel Stand is also on sale. You can save straight $40 if you buy from Best Buy.  That means the Stand will cost you around $39.99 only.

The Stand acts as a Wireless charger to your Pixel device and also makes it act as an active Photo Frame *. This just let you watch your favorite photos while the device is on charge. It also connects our devices to Nest devices, thus allowing you to control them from your device.

Buy Pixel Stand from Here -> Best Buy

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*requires Google Photos installed

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