LG V40 ThinQ Unboxing and First Impressions

The LG V40 came on loan from AT&T and all opinions are that of the writer and were not influenced in any way.




The LG V40 ThinQ is LG’s flagship for the second half of 2018. LG has gone all in on the whole AI bandwagon by setting Google into more into the forefront than most other devices. It’s other “big thing” is it’s total set of 5 cameras, and huge focus on audio for both the built in audio as well as use with headphones.




The V40 is a pretty typical flagship spec wise with an all glass design, and yes it does have wireless charging. A 1440p P-OLED display at the, now very run of the mill, 2:1 aspect ratio. It has the Snapdragon 845 as its chipset, either 64 or 128gb of storage with the option to expand storage with a micro sd card. As well as 3 rear facing cameras with the main shooter as a standard 12mp shooter, the second is a telephoto lens with up to 2x lossless zoom, and the the third is the usual wide angle lens that LG has put into its devices since the G5. The two selfie shooters are an 8mp standard sensor and a 5mp wide angle sensor. It has a 3,300 mAh battery. I thought this was a little small, but only time will tell if it is or isn’t. The V40 has a single bottom firing speaker and a headphone jack for those of us that like good legacy ports.


Unboxing Experience


The V40 was a pretty normal unboxing experience. It had the device sitting on top, and everything else most devices have underneath it. There’s nothing wrong with this approach. When going to a carrier store it makes sense to keep the box as similar to other boxes as possible. It makes it easier to keep track of stock. You get a usb c cable as well as a quick charge power brick. The one interesting addition was the included microfiber cloth to clean the display and really the entire device since it is primarily glass.

The Device Itself


When I first held the V40 in my hand I immediately thought that it was too big for me. I’m personally a fan of smaller devices like the smaller versions of the Pixel or the Essential Phone. In comparison to those devices the V40 is very big. It’s also very slippery to hold. I’ve almost dropped the device a few times already. The Assistant button that summons Google Assistant makes a return, but so far I’m still a little confused by it because there’s already a pretty simple action in that you just hold down the menu button on screen. It feels a little redundant to me. The part I’m most interested in is the audio design. I’m not much of an audiophile, but I can appreciate good audio. And the V40 has a 32 bit dac built in so it should be fun to try it out. As well as the “boombox” feature that was in the G7 ThinQ. The one thing that bugs is the notch. The V40 has thicker bezels compared to its notched contemporaries so it’s a little weird that it has a notch.

Final Thoughts So Far


The V40 ThinQ is a bit of a mixed bag to me. I’m not so keen on how big it is, but that’s totally subjective. The cameras are interesting, but I don’t know why I’d need to be able to take wide angle selfies. And the hardware button for Google Assistant seems a little redundant to me. But audio is what interests me the most with the V40. The boombox feature sounds a little gimmicky, but fun, and I’ve never used a device that has such high fidelity audio built into it. This has me excited to see how the device pans out.

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