T-Mobile Black Friday Deal will give you a free S9 or iPhone XR

Black Friday deals are pretty interesting, isn’t it? Many expensive things go on sale at this time of the year. No matter what site you select, Walmart, Amazon, or Udemy, a sale is a sale. And we try not to miss the opportunity. Best thing is, on Black Friday, mobile phones also go on sale, giving you enough opportunity to save a lot when purchasing a flagship. But, rather than going with Amazon, Best Buy, you might look into carrier based offers. Right now the T-Mobile Black Friday Deal is giving off a free smartphone (flagship).

The Deal is called T-Mobile Magenta Friday. Under this offer, you can get several smartphones for free, however, you have to purchase something from T-mobile.

What you have to do is just bring in your old eligible device for trade, and add an additional connection into your account. And that’s it! You now go home with a free Galaxy S9, iPhone XR or any of your choice.

Also, T-Mobile Black Friday Deal also gives you a whopping $750 off on selected smartphones as well.

According to T-Mobile, you must already have an account with them for getting a new connection under your account.

Which smartphones are under this T-Mobile Black Friday Deal?

The device that you can get for free are:

  1. iPhone (XR, 8, 8 Plus)
  2. Galaxy S-Series (S8, S9)
  3. LG G7 ThinQ
  4. OnePlus 6T

The devices that you can get with a massive $750 off are:

  1. iPhone (X, XS, XS Max)
  2. Galaxy Note 9
  3. Galaxy S8 Active and S9+
  4. LG V40 ThinQ

Once you get the connection and the free device, you will receive a monthly bill credit for  24 months or 36 Months. And that’s your discount.

Read more about the deal on T-Mobile ‘s official page.

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