Honor Play Unboxing

Unboxing Experience:

Honor and Huawei have always done a great job with their unboxing experience. You get the phone up top with its cool metal exterior. Picking it up for the first time it feels solid and hefty. The cold metal feels great in my hands. When I put it to the side I could hear the solid “plop” on my wooden table. It felt good to know that this device felt so premium even for being priced at around 279 euros MSRP.

Next I went through the paperwork and was happy to find the silicon case you can expect to find in all of Honor’s boxes. It’s the little things that show a company cares. It’s nearly impossible to make something drop proof and having a grippy plastic may not feel great but if you’re clumsy but still want to show off your phone it’s a good start. I do suggest you invest in a glass screen protector too. My unit didn’t come with one but if it did it would probably be a plastic one. That will save your screen from scratches but not a fall.

Finally we get the USB C cable and Huawei fast charger in the box. Nice to know that a budget phone comes with a fast charger in the box. Don’t over look these things, especially if you’re doing a gaming session and need some juice. The box does not come with a usb c to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter because it doesn’t need one! Nice to see a phone with a 3750 mah battery can still fit the jack but phones of similar size and battery capacity cannot.

First Impressions:

I’m going to be honest, I’m not a fan of EMUI. I think it’s old and clunky. It needs to be lightened up and the user needs a little more freedom. I would actually pay extra money for Huawei/Honor to develop their skin into even something more like Samsung’s. At least they have an app drawer by default. Overall though the device is snappy and doesn’t seem to lag. It shouldn’t with a Kirin 970 and 4gb of ram.

The setup process is pretty straightforward, although Huawei’s “Phone Clone” app wouldn’t work well. I would be connecting to my other device and it would not maintain a connection. I eventually gave up and loaded all my apps on my own. It was an annoying process but, I had to do what I had to do. I couldn’t use Google’s device migrator either because both my Oneplus 6T and Google Pixel XL were on Pie. It’s silly how that feature won’t work if the devices are on different versions of Android. Regardless that was my only struggle during setup.

The fingerprint scanner is top notch (ok, there’s your notch joke everyone, are we good now?). It registers your fingerprint quickly and is accurate. I’m always extra picky about fingerprint scanners because as a type one diabetic my fingers are messed up from the 20+ years of pricking them. Good to know a good quality sensor can remedy this. It registered more quickly and accurately than my Pixel XL. I would say that’s not bad.

Camera and Battery:

Unfortunately I don’t have any data on this yet. I have only had the device a short time and don’t feel comfortable sharing much on this end yet. Check back in the full review for more information.


For 279 Euro MSRP this is definitely a phone I’m excited to look into. I’m curious to see where they cut corners to get to that price but, first impressions are good. Please let me know if there’s anything you want to see. Please also take note this is a phone from the UK and I am based in the US. I will try to make this review as fair as possible but not all numbers regarding battery life will be accurate. Thank you all and I hope you tune in for the full review.

Onetechstop would like to thank Honor for supplying the Honor Play. We were not paid to write the articles you will see on the site and these devices are on a loan.

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