Samsung One UI is the next iteration of Experience

At Samsung Developers Conference, Samsung unveiled its next-generation UI called Samsung  One UI. It focuses majorly on Simplicity, Ease of Use, and making everything visually appealing. This new UI is the next generation of Samsung Experience, that most Samsung phones are using currently.

The Firm says that this new User Interface gives a new approach to contents and control.  It brings the rounded card based interaction of Android Pie. However, it has a lot more to offer than the stock Pie. The One UI splits the entire screen into two sections. One Section gives you interaction area whereas the other section gives you the viewing area.

The firm has completely revamped One as compared to the Experience. The Icon has taken more flat material UI like design, wheres the wire-based icons of Experience looks more decent and lively (my opinion). However, the icons still have the squircle shape (square+circle).

Also, for the first time, you will also get a system-wide night mode as well.  However, the night mode is good for AMOLED display, since it doesn’t consume any battery, however, LCDs even in dark mode consumes light.

Out of nowhere, Samsung has also included a theme that matches the color of your device!

Samsung One UI – Beta Programme

If you own a Galaxy S9/S9+ and a Note 9, you will soon get the UI with Android Pie pretty soon in Beta Programme. Simply Sign Up into Samsung Members and check in Notice section. Fill the form up and register. However, people of The US need to signup using Samsung + app. The Beta program will start in U.S., Germany, and Korea, in November, and Europe and Asian countries will receive the programme a little later.

The first official rollout of the update might start from 2019 starting from S9/S9+ and Note 9.

You can also read more about One here

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