Oneplus 6T Unboxing: Unboxing the New Hotness


Oneplus has done an incredible job presenting their devices for as long as I can remember. You get the Oneplus 6T front and center, showing off where the in display fingerprint sensor is. All the other booklets, silicon case, charger, and headphone jack adapter are all tucked neatly inside the box. Oneplus also makes some touches like a letter from the CEO Pete Lau. I think that’s always a nice touch to show that the company wants to thank the people who buy their devices.

Oneplus 6T in the Box

What’s in the box?:

  • Oneplus 6T Midnight Black (8gb/128gb)
  • Warranty Booklets
  • Silicon Case
  • Charge block and cable
  • USB C male to 3.5mm female adapter
  • Note from Pete Lau
Oneplus 6T Box Contents

First Impressions:

I’m a fan of the phone so far. I enjoy how quick and snappy the phone is. Setup went well and without a hitch. I was able to transfer all my apps and information over within an hour or so and was up and running. The only problem I had through the whole setup was with the bluetooth. For whatever reason on first boot the phone wouldn’t pick up new bluetooth devices.

Fingerprint Scanner:

The in display fingerprint scanner is fast but not as fast as what you might find on a Samsung or Google built device. You do require an extra step by turning on the display to use it but I didn’t find that to be too cumbersome. I also used to criticize front facing fingerprint scanners however, I don’t mind it as much as I thought I would. It’s convenient when my phone is on the table and especially then I don’t mind leaving my finger there for half a second longer. It also doesn’t take up room in the bezel so you still get the edge to edge screen. If you want a front face fingerprint sensor then I think this is the best modern implementation. I think that people saying the back is the “proper” place for the scanner. It completely singles out those who may still want the front sensor like on older iPhones and Oneplus devices. Am I completely sold on the placement on the scanner? No, but I think it’s a nice change.


I have not had enough time with the device to accurately test battery yet, however the larger 3700 mah cell will certainly be helpful. It may not be as large as the battery in the Note 9 or Mate 20 Pro, however I think the lower resolution OLED display will help with its cause. The device’s well optimized software will also help with the battery life. Don’t forget though, sometimes it’s mostly about what you do with the phone that really counts. I’ll let you know in the full review what I think of the battery however it’s looking good.


I’m honestly not impressed. I’m hoping it’s just a software fix but Oneplus talked up its Night Mode and night performance and it has just not been good. I’ll post a few samples below and I’ll note which ones are with Night Mode and which are not. I just hope Oneplus can get this ironed out because this is not what they described. I will say though, in good lighting the camera has held up well. I’m using the stock software on the most up to date software as well. I hope this can get ironed out soon to get us back to the performance that was promised. I reached out to the Oneplus community for some ideas but unfortunately I haven’t gotten a response.


The Oneplus 6T is a gorgeous phone with a lot going for it right now. It’s got blazing fast performance with software that blows most other manufacturers out of the water in my opinion. Although there’s some aspects to fix with the camera software knowing Oneplus’s commitment to their devices I’m hoping a fix will come soon. you can look forward to my review of the phone in the next few weeks but I’m going to take my time with this one. This is going to be my daily driver and I want to make sure you all get the best impression possible.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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