KZ-ZS10 In Ear Monitor Unboxing and Review


The unboxing experience of the KZ-ZS10 is impressive, but misleading. The headphones look like they could be budget wireless headphones based on the box. When you open the box all you see are the chunky, translucent earbuds which, admittedly look really cool. I was confused when I pulled them out of the box and didn’t see a cable.

After going through the box I saw the cable. Although I was a little disappointed the cable is very good quality. I don’t feel like they’re going to fall apart for a long time. If you’re looking for headphones with a cable that will last you for a while these feel like they will do you well.

How are the KZ-ZS10’s?:

These in ear monitors are for a very specific kind of person. If you’re looking for a pair of headphones you’re going to take everywhere with you then these are not your headphones. I wore them for about two hours while going for a walk and my ears felt sore afterwards. You have to wear them around the top of your ears in order to get them to stay in your ears comfortably. That’s what the plastic parts are for near each bud. The earbuds themselves have so much packed inside you cannot wear them like normal headphones. Wearing them while walking around is not the best idea.

If you’re looking for headphones that have accurate sound and will not fall out of your ears, these are the buds for you. You get a lot of quality for the $40-60 you spend. I would have mistaken them for headphones that were twice as expensive had I not looked them up beforehand.

One of my favorite parts about the earbuds were the tips they come with. They have these really cool grooves on them which, I think help them stay in your ears. Whether they do or not is unclear but these tips stayed in my ears better than any I’ve tried in the past. The fact that the buds hang from the tops of your ears probably helps too, but I give the tips some credit too.

Ear Ti[s

These headphones sound good. I will post the specs on the back of the box for those of you who can interpret them, however to my ears they sound accurate with decent bass for earbuds. I realized though that these headphones really shine with spoken voice. Spoken voice through podcasts sounded natural and full. I felt like the people speaking on the podcast were right next to me. The effect was similar to my ATH M50x’s.

Don’t get me wrong though, these are not true replacements for over the ear headphones. The range of sound you get is not nearly as great. In my opinion, over the ear headphones are also more comfortable to wear in general. However, for the price you could do a lot worse.


That last sentence really sums up my feelings with the KZ-ZS10’s “you could do a lot worse”. Many headphones at this price dramatically cut corners in one place or another, however I don’t feel these do. They’re not the most comfortable headphones in the world but they work and sound really good. The cable is fully replaceable, and there’s a bluetooth attachment you can get for them as well. Sound is respectable and you won’t feel a huge hole in your pocket after getting these. If I were in the market for sound accurate ear buds, and didn’t mind being in mild discomfort I’d spend the $40-60.

You can pick these bad boys up on Gearbest right now! Link will be below!


We wanted to thank Gearbest for sending us the KZ-ZS10s on a loan. They did not pay us in any way to review these headphones nor did KZ. All of the ideas and opinions about these headphones are our own.


Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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