Samsung’s Latest Flip Phone Images Gets Leaked

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Samsung’s latest flip phone (SM-W2019) is leaked online. The design of the device is quite similar to its predecessor, the SM-W2018. Samsung hasn’t revealed where the phone will be available. But looking at previous trends, it is quite apparent that the phone will be restricted to South Asian markets like China and South Korea.

The phone is already registered on China’s central certification agency. That means that the official launch is near. Samsung had announced the SM-W2018 in December last year so they will probably launch it around the same time this year too.

The flip phone, just like its predecessor, is going to be a flagship one. It will have to AMOLED screens with Full HD resolution. It will run on Snapdragon 845 and also feature dual cameras. Samsung has made this phone out of metal so it feels premium. However, looking at the pictures, it might not have a headphone jack.

The phone will ship it with Android Oreo 8.1 and will also get an Android Pie update pretty soon. The company will soon be confirming the official pricing and availability details for this device. It may not be more than a few weeks now before Samsung divulges all of the details about the SM-W2019.