Oneplus 6T Hands-On

The Oneplus 6T was announced October 29th in New York City and yours truly got to have a hands on with this amazing device. I’m not going to blabber on about specs, if you want to know about them then you can look right here.

In Hand Feel:

I liked the way the device felt in my hand. The corners did not cut into my hands too much and the device wasn’t too heavy. Unfortunately don’t notice the increase in screen size compared to the Oneplus 6, however, it’s nice to know Oneplus is doing their best to optimize how much screen you get for the size of the device. It’s not a selling point but the device does feel great and isn’t unmanageable to hold.

While I didn’t have a problem with the shape of the device, I did have a problem with the weight. The device wasn’t too light, or too heavy. The distribution of the weight is strange. You would think that because there is a bigger battery and new tech at the bottom that the bottom of the phone would heavier. I would have preferred this, however, the top of the device is heavy and it often felt like it would topple out of my hand. I’m sure you will learn to compensate for that weight when you’re holding the device, but learn fast or you might drop it.

Here is a video from our own Josh Tabasso with a hands-on from the event!


Coming from my Google Pixel XL I noticed how fast and fluid this phone was. Using the full screen gestures felt really natural and fun. In addition, I also like that you have the option to use Oneplus’s gestures or Google’s default gestures. Personally, I like Google’s gestures, but I’m glad you have the option.

I can’t speak for battery life however, I held this device and flipped through it for about 20 minutes and the battery only dropped about 5%. I was also unable to do anything more than flip through settings and take pictures, but the battery seemed to perform alright. We hope we’re able to get more data on this soon, but going from 3300mah to 3700mah definitely can’t mean less battery life than the Oneplus 6.


I got to use the Oneplus 6T’s camera for a few minutes and it’s pretty good. Do note that this is an incremental upgrade from the Oneplus 6 with some new features, however the camera is still really good for $549. The camera replicates color very well and the 2x zoom doesn’t degrade quality much. I’ll leave some camera samples below which, I was able to take from the 6T thanks to Android Beam (never thought that feature would come in handy). Although there’s only a few I hope you can get an idea of how good the camera is.


Note: This is only a conclusion of 15-20 minutes with the device. I wasn’t able to test the fingerprint sensor or real world performance, however I can say this is a decent improvement to the Oneplus 6.

You have to make your decision based on more than just a headphone jack and fingerprint sensor. Think about the screen, battery, Verizon LTE certification, direct cooperation with T-Mobile, and the base 128gb of storage for $549. A few additions I wish they’d made were using the earpiece as a speaker, and a notification light. Are these small and insignificant? These issues might be, however you get a great device.

I really want to hear what you think of this device. Do you think the lack of a headphone jack and a traditional fingerprint sensor deal breakers? I want to hear your opinion. Being that people in the states have a place to go and hold the phone and try it. It’s definitely a device worth your consideration. This time, Oneplus has my full attention. That hasn’t happened since the Oneplus One.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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