Experience 10 Pie leak shows several changes in the UI

Samsung’s upcoming Samsung Experience 10 has created a lot of hype ever since the first build got leaked. Since then, many different leaks have surfaced up. This new update has several changes, suggesting how the update is progressing before the beta launch.

The update has progressively changed its look, from the last leak. Some images from the recent build show the same.

Experience 10 Notifications

One major change if we cycle through the images of the upcoming update is the use of bubbles. Yes, everything has a bubble behind it.

Unlike the first leak, the UI looks good and simple. Everything is properly managed here.

Notification gets the curved design, which finally matches the Infinity Display design. Nice work Samsung!

The Experience 10 Headings

Since the initial builds, we have seen a lot of larger heading space around the system apps. This design gives the simplicity and gives a uniqueness to the design. Of course, haters gonna hate, nothing can be done to that.

This design style, as I said, revolves around most of the system apps on the platform.

‘Iconic Development

Yes, Samsung is again changing the icons on the upcoming Experience 10 update. Also, the colors around the ecosystem will remain the same, although, you can see shades of blue all around a little bit more.


Gone Bold

As compared to the Oreo, Samsung has gone a little bit bolder on the front side. Bold icons, fonts, and many others have gone bold than Oreo builds. Samsung wants to make everyone understand what actually their UI is.

The Beta Programme may start at the end of this year. Given the speed of the update development, we can expect at least the month of December to get the Beta Updates.

Source: Android Authority

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