Google Pixel Slate: For your life at Work and Play

At today’s Google hardware event, the company announced that they were making a new tablet, dubbed the Pixel Slate. This 2-in-1 marks the first time the company has used its Chrome OS in one of its own tablets.

The Pixel Slate is the new flagship device designed to work on the Chrome OS. It will come with dual front-facing speakers and a 293 ppi display, as well as 8MP front- and rear-facing cameras, and can be unlocked via fingerprint sensor. Each variant of the device will also come with an Intel processor, from a Celeron on the cheapest to a 8th Gen i7 on the expensive side.

The device looks pretty much exactly like the leaks lead us to believe — it’s a premium slate with a keyboard cover that doubles as a stand. It also features a touch pad, which gives it the edge over products like Samsung’s most recent Galaxy Tab. There’s also a matching Google Pen, which appears to more or less be the same product announced around the Pixel Book, albeit with a darker paint job to match the new product.

The Pixel Slate offers a “full desktop experience, not one designed for a phone.” It also offers split screen and baked-in Google Assistant. The device comes with an USB-C and is very light and thin for a better portability.

The one thing that should remain consistent across models is the screen resolution. Every Google Pixel Slate will have a 3000×2000 screen resolution given current evidence. This is a significant increase over the Pixelbook’s 2400×1600 screen.

Where last year’s Pixelbook had grey, square keys with rounded corners, the Pixel Slate’s keys are more pill-shaped, matching recent Material Design cues. Beyond that, we can see that the Pixel Slate keyboard has a sizable touch pad – obviously much larger than the Pixelbook’s touch pad.

The Pixel Slate will be available later this year, starting at $599 and the one with highest specifications being $1,599 while the Pixel keyboard comes in at $199.
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Sriyansa Mohanty
Sriyansa Mohanty
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